The Kin Fung Athletic Group has been in the Lower Mainland area for over 20 years and is one of the premier martial arts demonstration and lion dance and dragon dance groups. We have been in many performances and productions over the years and are well recognized in the Lower Mainland area.


Sifu Danny Ma started martial arts and Lion Dancing training at a very young age under the instruction of his father, Grandmaster Kin-Fung Ma, the Grandmaster of Northern Shaolin and Law-Hon style. In 1976, Danny and Grandmaster Kin-Fung Ma immigrated to Canada to teach martial arts in Calgary, Alberta (as invited by the Chinese Freemasons). Danny later moved to Vancouver, B.C in 1986. With over 30 years experience in teaching, Sifu Danny Ma is the head instructor of the Kin Fung Athletic Group.


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Welcome to the official webpage of the Kin Fung Athletic Group. We are one of the premier lion dance, dragon dance and Chinese Martial Arts demonstration groups in the Lower Mainland.

Please enjoy the site and join one of our classes or catch our performances.

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